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A big challenge for most business owners is financing payroll. How do you close the gap between working capital for business growth and operating capital for paying your employees? How do you pay your employees on time for work done on invoices not due for 30 days or more? Texas Factors specializes in Texas payroll funding for small, mid-market and large companies encountering cash flow issues.

Texas Factors payroll funding services help your company improve cash flow so you can pay employees - even when your clients or customers haven't paid their invoices. Just submit your invoices to our Texas payroll funding company, and we will give you up to 96% of the face amount in cash, and take on 100% of the risk of collecting the invoice.

At Texas Factors we know that you need the money you are owed on invoices now - not in 30, 60 or 90 days. Unlike most Texas payroll funding companies, we can provide you with cash for your accounts receivable or invoices in as little as 24 hours. Typically known as factoring, our payroll funding services are one of the easiest and most effective options available to businesses dealing with payroll shortages. At Texas Factors no closing costs, origination fees, interest, or long-term commitments are required.

Improve your cash flow with the payroll funding options at Texas Factors so you can expand or grow your business or staffing company. Even companies in challenged financial conditions can use our payroll funding services to solve their cash flow problems. Just complete our application and we will let you know in the next 24 hours whether you are approved for our payroll funding services.

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