Installment Contract Financing/Consumer Receivables

At Texas Factors we pride ourselves in offering the best factoring and financing for consumer installment contract based businesses. Our financing specialists work one-on-one with each customer to find the best solutions for their business' needs. We never underestimate the hard work of managing installment contracts and consumer receivables, and make every effort to take the strain off you, so you can dedicate your time to your business.

With installment contract financing and/or consumer receivables from Texas Factors, we can design a contract purchase program that will maximize your business' cash flow and expand your marketplace. We can process nearly any type of consumer installment contracts, and specialize in portfolios.

From electronics to cosmetic surgery to furniture, we offer installment contract financing / consumer receivables to a wide variety of companies. Businesses that qualify for installment contract factoring or financing from Texas Factors include: large purchases such as electronics or appliance sales, cosmetic surgery expenses and furniture purchase contracts.

Traditional banks and lending institutes offer limited consumer installment contract options, but Texas Factors helps businesses with tailored contract financing solutions. If your company offers financing to your customers for services or products, you can receive cash for those consumer installment contracts with Texas Factors.

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