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Fast and easy to start — Begin factoring your invoices right away with Texas Factors by completing our three minute application. Apply now and we will let you know if you are approved in just 24 hours or less.

Collect cash for your invoices or accounts receivable in as little as 24 hours — No more waiting weeks, months or longer for your invoices to be paid. Jump start business growth and gain more cash flow by factoring your invoices with Texas Factors in 24 hours or less.

Add capital to your business that is not a loan. With factoring from Texas Factors we will advance you up to 96% of the face amount of your invoices in cash, then we collect on the invoice. There are no loans to pay back, no closing costs, no origination fees, no interest, and no long-term commitments required.

Increase marketing efforts — Use the increased cash flow from factoring to increase the advertising and marketing of your business and benefit from more revenue for expansion or growth.

Gain more reliable weekly cash flow, for better planning and growth — Factoring with Texas Factors offers more working capital and the opportunity to save for growth and emergency funds. You always have a place to get cash from your outstanding invoices and accounts receivable quickly and easily.

Reduce the stress involved with a lack of cash. Invoice factoring from Texas Factors offers a low-cost financial tool to ease cash flow pressure caused by slow paying customers and takes stress off your company.

Reduce collection costs — Save your employees' time for better things than collecting on invoices. When you factor with Texas Factors we take care of collections so your employees can devote their time to helping your business.

Work out better terms and deals to gain more business — With the better cash flow gained from factoring, you have the ability to make better deals with new and existing customers, allowing you to grow your customer base and expand your business.

Funding is based on the financial strength of your customers. Factoring is based on the financial strength and stability of your customers and not your personal FICO score or business credit score. Even if your company is in a challenged financial situation, you can still use Texas Factors's factoring services to overcome cash flow difficulties.

Stop collecting invoices and concentrate on running your business — Spend more of your time doing what you do best - running your company - and leave collecting the invoices to us. You receive cash for factoring your accounts receivable quickly and easily, and we take on all of the risk of collecting the invoices.

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